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V-HACD Java Bindings

Java bindings for V-HACD

Build v-hacd bindings



See .travis.yml

Build natives for linux and windows

From a linux installation launch:

./make.sh buildLinux32
./make.sh buildLinux64  
./make.sh buildWindows32
./make.sh buildWindows64

Build natives for osx

From an osx installation launch:

./make.sh buildMac

Build java bindings

From an osx or linux installation launch:

./make.sh buildJavaBindings

Build with github actions

From a mac or linux instance launch:

./make.sh ghactions build

Results are stored in: build/tests and build/release


plugins {
    id "io.github.0ffz.github-packages" version "1.2.1"

repositories {
    maven githubPackage.invoke("riccardobl")

dependencies {
    compile 'vhacd:vhacd-native:${version}'

${version} should be changed with the tag name of the release you want to use.